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Miles For Mind - Team Zayo

Miles For Mind - Team Zayo

As well as individuals taking part in Miles For Mind, businesses also support their employees in getting involved.

We're pleased to have caught up with Laura Hayden from Zayo to share why Team Zayo got involved in Miles For Mind.

What was the drive behind getting employees from Zayo involved?

We were keen to support people in becoming more active for their health and wellbeing - both physically and mentally. It was also a good way to virtually connect to each other while we are still working remotely. 


How many employees took part and why did they want to get involved?

We had a total of 30 employees participate in Miles For Mind. Many expressed an interest as a means of connecting with others through the lockdowns that we experience.


What was the feedback from those that took part?

People were happy to take part and enjoyed the motivation of a group activity.


How did it benefit those who took part?

We believe it provided encouragement to stay active despite the cold weather and lockdowns. Many expressed that the activity made them more aware of how much exercise they were doing and that the group activity served to inspire and motivate them.  


When you look back on the event, what was the main take out for you?

Great to bring people together, in a time we aren’t physically together in an office


What plans do you have to do more around exercise and mental health activities in the future?

Nothing specific planned yet, but we plan on initiating similar activities in the near future, perhaps cycling next time. 

Thanks to Laura and the team at Zayo who took part. You can find out more about Zayo by heading to their website.

If you would like to get your company or work colleagues involved in Miles For Mind, then all you need to do is head to our Miles For Mind pages and you can sign up in one easy step!

Team runr.

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