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Medals For Kids - Inspiring The Next Generation

Medals For Kids - Inspiring The Next Generation 

If you've ever taken part in a running event, the chances are you were given a medal not long after you crossed the finish line. The question is - what do you do with your medals?

For us, the ones that really mean something hang proudly on a medal hanger, whilst the others are tucked away in a cardboard box under the bed!

What if you could take those medals that are just gathering dust and use them to inspire children to be active? 

This is where Medals For Kids comes in!

We believe that your running medals could inspire the next generation to get out and get active. Research shows that physical education can improve both physical AND mental health which is something we truly believe in.

The Medals So Far..

We launched Medals For Kids at the National Running Show in January 2024 and we were astounded to collect over 2,100 medals at the show!

Runners were more than happy to donate their unwanted medals and now we have the large task of assigning the medals to the right adults, who can get them to kids and encourage them to be active.

Since then, medals have arrived at Runr HQ from individuals and events who want them to be passed on to kids and inspire them to run.


Do You Have Old Medals?

If you have medals that you would like to send to us, you can post them to us at:

Runr HQ

Unit B61

Sanderson Business Centre

Lees Lane



PO12 3UL. 

We'll then do the rest to get the medals out to schools, groups and others who can use them to help get kids out and being active!

Do you have a use for medals?

If you work with children or have an idea of a school or group that might benefit from this, then please let us know.

If you have any questions then please message us on any of our social media channels or email us at

Craig, Matt & Martin
Team Runr.

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