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We're Supporting Mental Health

Everyone has their own reason for running.
When we launched Runr in 2016, we recognised the importance of mental health.
The conversation with other runners highlighted how so many people use running to manage their mental health which is why we decided to support mental health charities.
Since we launched Runr 2016, we’re pleased to have played a part in raising over £379,000 for mental health charities.
Our series of virtual runs, Miles For Mind, played a central role in bringing the running community together and continues today.
For every purchase of a product at, and for every entry into one of our virtual runs at, we'll donate 1% of profits to mental health charities AND plant a tree.
We're proud of the the running community play in supporting mental health and we hope it continues for years to come!
Craig, Matt & Martin.
Team Runr.

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