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The Story Of Runr.

8 years ago, we wanted to create an identity so that when you’re out and about, you could identify your fellow runners.

 That’s why we created Runr.

 If you see someone wearing Runr, you know running is their passion.

 Running isn't just an exercise, it’s a passion, and a lifestyle choice.  

 As runners, we take pride in our achievements and we love the supportive sense of community spirit.

 Love running? Wear Runr.

Matt & Craig after finishing the Riviera marathon in 2018

As keen runners, we were (and still are!) constantly inspired by conversations with the running community.

That's when we decided that there was a gap for a fitness & lifestyle brand where people could be identifiable as runners. 

Runners love to chat and what better way to pass the time than talk about running and what drives us all to lace up and run. 

Whether it’s parkruns, or marathons, we all have a story about our PBs, our latest run or favourite place to run.

Craig & Matt after finishing the South Downs Way 100 in June 2022.

Back in 2016, the idea started to create Runr and it was truly a passion project, a hobby that filled some of our spare time.

Fast forward to present day and we never believed we would have received over 60,000 orders and have so many happy customers across the world!

The family were involved in refuelling on pit stops for some events!


If you see someone wearing Runr then you can start up a conversation.

One of the things we love about running is that it's for anyone and everyone and we’re constantly inspired by achievements we see in the running community. 

From Couch to 5k successes, to taking on a marathon for the first time, the tales inspire us all on a daily basis.

Martin, Craig & Matt all set for a fun 48 hours at the National Running Show
Each year we head to the National Running Show at the NEC in Birmingham, and it allows us to have 2 days talking all things running!
Running has a huge amount of benefits, both physically and mentally. The important thing is that it doesn’t matter how fast you are or how far you run, but just that you have the courage to start and get out of the front door.

The Importance Of Mental Health

As well as the physical benefits of running, we're passionate about mental health and we're delighted to support mental health charities. 
In May 2018, we launched our first virtual run, Miles For Mind. The purpose of which was to bring together a community of runners to help raise awareness of mental health by running and supporting each other.
Since the launch of Miles For Mind, the running community have helped raise over £380,000 for mental health charities and we're looking to continue building on this total in the years to come.
With every order placed with us, we also commit to plant a tree which has enabled us to say over 20,000 have been planted which we're extremely proud of.
The key thing to remember is that all runners are different, no journey is the same, but we all share the same goal, to be a runr.
Next time you see someone wearing Runr, strike up the conversation and see where it takes you!
Team Runr.

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