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You Never Know Unless You Try by Linsay

You Never Know Unless You Try by Linsay

It was a Sunday afternoon in January 2016. I remember the weather was cold, wet and immensely windy and I out of nowhere I signed up to do the half marathon which is better known as the Great North Run....I'm sure alcohol must have been involved!

So there was I, a total non-runner thinking I've got 9 months to train to run 13.1 miles. Did I panic, scream, feel sick....nope, I actually smiled. I had lost my brother three years before and I'd been trying to think of a way to raise funds for The British Heart Foundation and this was perfect.

Anyone who was lucky enough to have known my brother would know the incredible high regard he held for anyone who liked to 'keep fit'. In fact, I'm sure I recall him saying and one point that all runners should be shot!

So to continue on in my role of annoying younger sister I trained very hard giving it my absolute all so by September 2016 I would be able to run the whole 13.1miles in honour of my big brother....and that I did.

If I'm honest I thought once it was done that would be it, no more running for me....little did I know that 5 years later I would be running that distance most Sundays just for fun!!

I started with a couch to 10k app, followed by a 10k to 21k app and I always try to remember these things....

  1. Never compare yourself to others. Admire, emulate but remember your running journey is yours alone.
  2. Be consistent. I found following an app so much easier.
  3. Enjoy. Don't beat yourself up if things don't go quite right, they will. You are doing it that's all that matters.
  4. The big one....Your brain gives up long before your body does.

In January 2016 my first ever run saw me struggle to run continually for one minute.....In 2020 I ran for a total of 1021 miles.

You never know unless you try 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Instagram: @a_twinkle_inyour_wrinkle


Many thanks to Linsay for sharing her running story and what a year she had in 2020!

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