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All for one and One for All by Hazel

All for one and One for All by Hazel

We are the Sunshine Runners and we are running for Miles for Mind in May. Our target as a team is 200 miles or 322km!

In our team are 3 members. Sky who is 2 and is a new runner, Gill who has mastered short runs and looking to combat bigger runs and Hazel who has recently completed her second half marathon and looking to conquer a full marathon before the end of the month.

We are hoping to collate miles from park runs, runs on holiday, gym time and some running events. We are going to record our data on Strava and Garmin!

We have an aim of £200 so our campaign is to please sponsor one of our 200 miles for £1 or 63p for 1km!

Most families are affected by mental health and ours in no different. I personally have been diagnosed with PTSD after a major car crash whilst 4 months pregnant. I have been treated with 2 years of high intensity CBT. Without the help of counselling I would still be in a very dark place unable to leave the house, unable to drive, unable to sleep or generally function.

Mind and the NHS provided me with strength to accept that the PTSD will not go away but I will be stronger, I will be able to live and control my mental health. My family have also been a part of this journey on the good days and the bad days. I could not do this alone it takes an army to win a battle like PTSD.

Our team are working together to raise money to show how much support it takes to conquer any challenge.

Lets go Team Sunshine Runners!!!

Please see our just giving page to donate:

Lots of Love Sky, Gill and Hazel x


Thanks to Hazel, Sky & Gill for sharing their story and we wish Team Sunshine Runners a fun month of running! #MentalHealthMatters

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