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Getting Out The Door Is One Of The Best Feelings by Laura

Getting Out The Door Is One Of The Best Feelings by Laura
My #MilesforMind story started properly about 18 months ago when I did the Brighton 10K in 2019.
I signed up for it with about 4 months to go and thought it would give me a good amount of time to train. I did a 5K about 8 years previous to this and didn’t like running! This time it was different! I did my research, I followed a training plan, ate better and focused on the end goal.
I started at the very beginning run/walking and noticed I could suddenly run for a whole minute! It made me feel great! I had achieved so much for myself and only I could make it happen! I looked forward to my next run and noticed how positive it made me feel! I did the race and loved it!
After the race I stopped running as frequently because the race was over, and I noticed my changed in mood almost instantly. I suffer with anxiety and I hadn’t realised just how much the running was helping it. I made it my goal to run 3 times a week for my mental health. As I started running regularly I found myself wanting to think about distances and times and the next race! I signed up for lots of 10k’s and this year I completed my first half marathon! I can’t believe I did it and I loved it!
Even though it was the worst weather Brighton had ever seen for a half marathon! I’m now focusing on getting stronger and a sub 1 hr 10k and will definitely be doing another half marathon! Putting my kit on and getting out the door is one of the best feelings and seeing where the route takes me!
My personal insta handle is @gingercappers but I have also started a page dedicated to running and fitness to connect with like minded people and promote the power of exercise! And how 5k every day - running, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, rowing climbing, etc! Can make such a difference to our mental heath!
Laura x

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