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How running helps combat anxiety by Bex

How running helps combat anxiety by Bex

After suffering from mental ill health including a diagnosis of
personality disorder which includes symptoms of anxiety, depression,
paranoia and at time delusions - it was suggested from my mental
health nurse that to ease and help my symptoms and to provide me with
a structure to my day, and a weekly routine that I take up running.

I was sectioned twice last year due to a very deep depressive state,
high levels of anxiety, but I was very naive that running could help,
I was very depressed, highly anxious and very paranoid I didn't think
running could help alleviate my symptoms. However after gentle
persuasion from my nurse and leaving the hospital environment, I
donned my running trainers, invested in running gear and hit the
pavements with hesitation and apprehension - however once I began
walking it lead to a light jog, I didn't realise then but at that
moment running was to really benefit my mental health and wellbeing.

That was roughly 8 months ago, running has really played a huge role
in my wellbeing, and although I've had an on/off relationship with
running due to dips in my mental health, I found once I do run my
symptoms seem to alleviate, although my mental health can be ever so
challenging I do find that running plays a huge role in my aim for
recovery. "


Massive thanks to Bex for sharing her story 💙 #MentalHealthMatters

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