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It's OK Not To Be OK by Greg

It's OK Not To Be OK by Greg

I’m Greg Lee a fairly senior but still operational Fire Officer who over the years has suffered from my own mental health issues. I have run many marathons and ultra-marathons including back to back Sahara marathons and a couple of 100k races…….so I have been around block a few times.

I’m not sure which came first….My Depression or My Alcoholism……’s actually irrelevant, what I can say is that since 2005 both my recovery from alcoholism and mental well-being have been intrinsically linked to my running. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the cure, I don’t think here is one,  but alongside the support of professionals, peer groups, organisations, friends and family it has formed a strong motivational tool in my quest for happiness.

“You’re only ever one run from a better mood”.

So what am I doing for Miles for Mind…………?

I have a number of half marathons in May but these are training runs FOR THE BIG ONE……

Starting on my actual 50th Birthday I will starting the Severn Challenge, 218 mile (for Mind) over a 5 day period. This will be hard both physically and mentally and I’d be happy to share the months trials and tribulations with you and your followers.

The days play out in the following order.

1.       29 miles
2.       45 Miles
3.       60 miles (ouch!)
4.       60 miles (double ouch!)
5.       27 miles


In total I expect to get through around 400 plus miles in May……happy to take you on that journey through training, eating, doubting, running and hopefully completing. 

I’ve attached a  few pictures so you see I have a face and body for radio……..and one of the route we taking later in May. The chap in the picture with me is Paul my running buddy…he has his own story with regards mental health issues and is already using our Severn River adventure to raise money for Mind.


Huge thanks to Greg for sharing his story and we look forward to following his progress.

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