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Running, Running, Running by Rebecca

Running, Running, Running by Rebecca

I have suffered with mental health for quite a few years now and a couple years ago my son was diagnosed with autism. He has demand avoidance traits which means he can be quite volatile. It often feels like we are walking on egg shells to avoid screaming, hitting, demolishing possessions but it is tough and made tougher because my mental health is not the best.

I started running three years ago, initially as a way to try and lose weight but more and more over the years it has become time for me to take some time out, to reflect, to focus on myself. It has become a time of much needed solitude especially in the current situation we are in. Being in lockdown has been trying for many of us but I have found my regular runs a haven. One hour just for me to escape the constant demands and pressures raising kids bring, especially with special educational needs. It is a time I need to take to help me cope, to help me survive in this weird world we live in right now!!

This year I have finally signed up to miles for mind and have challenged myself further to keep me focused and to help raise awareness for a fantastic charity. Well done runr... you’re doing great

Rebecca orpin

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