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Once a runr, always a runr.

Once a runr, always a runr.

Runr is a fashion brand that epitomizes the passion people have for running, the sense of community there is within the sport, and the pride people have in their achievements.

For the uninitiated, running can be a lonely, solitary existence.

For those in the know, it is about passion for the sport, pride in our achievements and a supportive sense of community spirit. We inspire each other on a daily basis with our commitment to train hard, to go the distance, and to continually challenge ourselves further.

Runr was created to embed that sense of belonging and achievement into our everyday lives. Runr’s have an instant connection with each other; if you are ever fortunate to enough bump into another runr at a party, you will instantly share stories of triumphs and failures.

Being able to identify with one another is what being a runr is all about.

I’m a runr.

Are you?

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