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Do you take your running gear on holiday with you...... and actually use it?!

Do you take your running gear on holiday with you...... and actually use it?!

Having just got back from a week in Greece, the answer for me is YES!

Now some will see a holiday as time for a break. To rest, relax and switch off from the normal routine at home. Others will see it as the chance to do their usual thing, just somewhere different!

For me, it's a mix. The chance to switch off and chill out with my family is what holidays are all about, but if there's a chance to head out for a run and explore a new area, then I'm up for that.

Anyone with a young family (mine are 4 months and just over 2 years old) might not feel like exercise as they are quite demanding from sunrise till bedtime. But when an opportunity does come up, I love to stick my running shoes on and head out.

The resort I stayed at had an organised run in the middle if our stay, so I signed up and that was my dose of running for the week.

An 8.30am meet and the temperature was already 25 degrees C! There was a lovely Irish lady, a father and son from Scandinavia and the fitness guy from the resort. The 4 of us headed out into the hills for a fun 4 mile run.

At home, I live in Southsea in Portsmouth and for those that know it, it's as flat as a pancake, so getting the chance to run some hills in a foreign location was too good to turn down.

The pace was relaxed, the views were stunning - 360 degrees around the peninsula with the Aegean sea sparkling in the sun. The conversation during the run was fun. 40 minutes of taking in the surroundings and enjoying a very hot jaunt on the dusty tracks covered in tiny animal footprints.

By 9.30am, we were back at the resort and ready for breakfast. A tiny part of the holiday used to cover some miles before spending more quality time with the family. One run was enough for the week to keep the legs ticking over and that was enough for me.

If you do go on holiday and you consider taking your running kit, do it. It may well stay in your suitcase or in the cupboard for the whole trip (don't feel guilty - we've done that on many occasions!) but if the chance does come up, head out for a run and take in the surroundings for a little while. For me, I felt energised and full of adventure for the chance to explore and it gave me an even more positive view on life ready for another day of activities with my family.

Whether you're at home or on holiday, happy running!

Team runr. 

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