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Food Bank Run - Shropshire Shufflers

Food Bank Run - Shropshire Shufflers
Shropshire Shufflers were another club who got involved and ran their own Food Bank Run. We caught up with Victoria to find out more about why they got involved:
Why did you want to get involved with your own food bank run?
It’s a great initiative to support the community. I already had ties to the local Food bank and knew the team there well from working with them previously on Christmas Scavenger Runs as festive fundraisers with my business Runlates and volunteering at Christmas. It was also a great opportunity to get my local running club involved and do as much as we can at this tricky time of year when there are so many in need.
Which for bank did you support?
Foodbank Plus Shrewsbury (part of Barnabas Community Projects).
How many runners attended?
We had over 80 runners take part.
Had you taken part in a food bank run before this year?
No, but I had done some Christmas Scavenger Hunt events to raise money which had been good fun!
How did it feel completing the food bank run?
It was fantastic! Everyone was so generous - and we struggled to fit everything in the car! Most people chose to leave their donations rather than run with them to the foodbank (mostly because they had brough so much!), so next time we are starting the run at the Foodbank instead.
What was the feed back from the runners who took part?
They thought it was a great idea, good to get together to support such a good cause.
Do you have plans to do more food bank runs?
Yes, we are doing one on Mon 27th March to collect Children’s Easter eggs, and I’d imagine we will do at key times of the year going forward.
We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Victoria as the rest of the team at Shropshire Shufflers!
Team Runr.

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