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From a non-runner to a distance runner!

From a non-runner to a distance runner!
Marathon mania has been sweeping across my social media recently and I really enjoyed the whole experience of the Brighton Marathon 2017. I started running back in 2015, I couldn’t even run for 9 minutes back at that point.

Running was a struggle for me as I was overweight and not at all fit, that is when I joined a local boot camp and started pushing myself to run with a group of mixed ability people. At that point I could barely run half a kilometre. Eventually over time, I started to hit milestones, 5km first and then I entered the London 10km event in 2015.

I found the London 10km quite daunting, it was a huge event but the crowds really spurred me on, back at that time I was just happy to complete the 10km and came in with a time of 78 minutes.

Over time, I have improved greatly with my speed and have worked hard in the gym and with my trainer @Get_Fli focussing on interval training and sprinting as well as mixing it up with some strength training.

During the time I have been running I have lost almost 10% of my body fat and improved my confidence massively. In 2016 I then entered another 10k and shaved 10 minutes off my PR time, I was over the moon!!

After the 10k in 2016, I decided to go for it and registered myself for the Brighton Marathon, I raised money for Breast Cancer Care and I really put the miles in training. On the day the crowds were unbelievable, although it was tough to the point of giving up at points, I knew I never would.

Running over that finish line was an incredible feeling. I really felt as though I had come from a non-runner, a couch potato, to someone that had really achieved something. It is a feeling I will never forget.

Running is for absolutely anyone, the running community are hugely supportive and although running is an individual sport you really get a sense of being part of a team. I would advise anyone who wants to run a marathon to go for it, follow a training plan and really anything you set out- you can achieve!




Some tips for first time marathon runners:

  1. Print your name on your T-shirt- the crowd is everything, they will get you through by calling your name
  2. Don’t eat gels you haven’t trained with- they will upset your stomach & cause stomach ache
  3. Train properly- follow a training plan
  4. Give it a go- running is for everyone, don’t be daunted by experienced runners, everyone has to start somewhere
  5. Don’t get swept up in the crowd- go at your pace
  6. Enjoy- enjoy the experience, you will never forget it.

Your first marathon will be an experience you never forget. You will say you will never do it again, you will be back

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A huge thank you to Lauren for her blog and it's great to hear about her running journey.

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Happy running.


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