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Me - A Marathon Runner? by Leanne

Me - A Marathon Runner? by Leanne

My running journey started in November 2017.

My friend was dieting and had started Parkrun to aid her weights loss. She was being let down by another friend weekly and lacked motivation to go, I’d never run before but offered to go to Parkrun with her to support her.

That was the start of a journey for me and I loved every minute. Running had replaced a void in my life that I didn’t realise was there. I’ve been a single mum to 2 children for over 10 years. They were growing into adults and I felt redundant, running have me back my confidence and I joined a running club.

I’ve made so many friends within the running community it’s amazing to be part of.  My passion for running has exceeded all expectations and it’s now a part of my everyday like. I encourage anyone I can to try it to see where it leads as everyone runs for different reasons.  

I’ve gone from parkrun to marathon in less than 3 years. Me, a marathon runner, that’s something I never thought would happen when I turned up for that very first 5k.  

Thanks to Leanne for sharing her story.
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