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Miles For Mind by Oscar Power

Miles For Mind by Oscar Power
Hi my names Oscar Power and I am eleven years old. I started running in 2019 at park run every Saturday with my family. It was hard work to start, but I am very proud to have ran my tenth park run (where I got my first park run t-shirt) before Covid came and we had to stop. Since then, I have kept running with my mum and my dog Luna. This year to keep me going I signed up to the virtual run Miles For Mind.
I run because it's fun and I enjoy it. I love exploring my city and discovering new places. It is great to find new routes and learn more about where I live. In lock down I walked every day and ran twice a week so that I could get outside. It also gave me a break from home school.
I think running is great for your mental health because it makes you feel good. Being outside in the fresh air always puts a smile on my face. I also think it is a great way to keep positive and exercise helps to use up all that extra energy my Mum says kids have too much of! I would encourage everyone to get involved in miles for mind because it raises money for charity and it is a great way to get active. Go outside, explore your city and raise awareness for Mind!
by Oscar Power - Age 11 - Coventry

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