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Miles For Mind - Daz Staley

Miles For Mind - Daz Staley
We'd like to introduce our team of Miles For Mind ambassadors for 2019 who all have a reason to be a part of our virtual event and who want to highlight that #MentalHealthMatters.
Name: Daz Staley
Location: Newbury
When did you start running and why?
I've always been very active person and played a lot of sport, mainly rugby. When I stopped playing I missed having something to train for, so I started running which was back in 2016. It all started with Parkrun and from that point I was totally hooked.
What's your favourite ever running experience?
My favourite running experience would have to be crossing the finish line of the North Downs Way 100 mile race. It marked the end of a tremendous amount of effort which I had put into my training prior to the race and into the race itself. It was made extra special having my wife and 1 year old son to greet me at the finish, even though it had just gone 4am!
Who most inspires you in the world of running and why?
There are so many people that inspire me from the world of running and most of them are just normal people with full time jobs, families and hectic lives that manage to fit in their running in and around their busy schedules. If I had to pick one runner it would be Dan Whitehead. He's an Aussie ultra runner, an amazing cook and fantastic video maker and photographer. He has had to battle through illness and injury to keep his running going and is a very humble and top guy.
What one bit of advice would you give to a new runner?
My one bit of advice for a new runner is really simple, just keep it fun and enjoyable. Most of us start running because we see the positive benefits of it, make sure you keep that positiveness. 
What does the link between running and mental health mean to you?
Most of us lead very hectic and stressful lives. This can have an effect on your mental health if you don't have an outlet to escape from it all every so often. Running is that perfect outlet for me and allows me to escape from reality for a little bit and forget all the stresses of every day life. Once my run is done I'm in a far better place to deal whatever life might throw at me, however big or small.
What do you hope to get out of being involved with Miles For Mind?
By being involved in Miles For Mind I can get the opportunity to share with others how running helps me and so hopefully I can then help others. It's also a great chance to meet other like minded people and hear their stories and experiences.

For anyone who is considering signing up for Miles For Mind this May, entry is now open here and we'd love you to join in and raise money and awareness for the charity Mind!

Team runr.

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