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Race Magnets - To Pin, Or Not To Pin: That Is The Question.

Race Magnets - To Pin, Or Not To Pin: That Is The Question.


Innovation in running is everywhere. From the swankiest of GPS watches with built in mapping, to heart rate monitors, to shoes that claim to make you 4% faster (yes, this is a genuine claim!)… we are inundated with ways of spending our hard earned money. 

But one tradition that is age-old in the running world is the good old fashioned safety pin. Now in any household they are ten-to-the-penny and can be found in every draw, under most sofa cushions and probably stashed away in most kitbags.

But there is a fundamental flaw with them… they’re just not very good. For starters, they put holes in all your (no doubt) expensive running tops, they look ghastly, and on occasion can give you a bit of a prick when applying to your top prior to the race.

But there is another way. Innovation in an age-old, safety pin dominated world.

Race Magnets are the future. They are easy to apply, they are comfortable so you won’t notice they are there and most importantly they hold strong so your race bib won’t budge an inch. These have been tested from 5k to 100 mile multi-day ultramarathons. We can personally say we’ve tested them up to 53 mile ultramarathon distance and in over 11 hours of running (well running, walking & crawling) they held firm.

And our customers love them. With loads of 5-star review…. What are you waiting for? Take the step into a new world, embrace the innovation that is race magnets and stop putting holes in your favourite running tops.

Here’s a selection of our customer reviews…. there are loads of 5 STAR reviews!


Simply follow the links below to grab yourself a set today and embrace the future.

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Be proud to be a runr. 

Team runr.

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