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Running Dangerously through Afghanistan - Jordan Wylie

Running Dangerously through Afghanistan - Jordan Wylie

Think that going for a 5 mile run in your local neighbourhood is sometimes challenging? Well you might change you mind once you hear what the former British Officer, Jordan Wylie, is undertaking in Running Dangerously 2018!


What is Running Dangerously 2018?

Running Dangerously is a charity project which sees me run through 3 of the world’s most dangerous countries to help raise awareness and funds for children living in war and conflict areas. My plan at the start of 2018 was to run a 10K in Somalia, a Half Marathon in Iraq and a Full Marathon in Afghanistan, my main objective is to be able to provide educational opportunities to these children in order to inspire hope and change lives.

Why did you decide to take this challenge on?

I took on this challenge for several reasons and causes which are close to my heart. As a former soldier I have worked or served in all three of these countries and have seen first hand the affects of conflict and war on peoples lives but particular innocent children. I believe that where we can make a difference in this world we all should make a difference. Along side this I was diagnosed with epilepsy 18 months ago and despite many people telling me what I can and can’t do, I wanted to prove to the world you can really achieve anything you want as long as you know the dangers and manage the risks.

Where has Running Dangerously taken you so far?

Mogadishu, Somalia
Hargeisa, Somaliland
Baghdad, Iraq
Where does your next challenge take you?

Afghanistan (location confidential until completion for security reasons)

What do you expect on your next challenge? 

As well as the obvious security risks of running in a potential hostile environment and post war conflict zone, this will also be the first marathon I have ever run! In addition to this I will be running in much higher temperatures than I am used to training in and also running in a mountainous region of Afghanistan with an altitude in access of 3000 metres. The final leg of Running Dangerously will be by far the toughest leg of the challenge yet for me and being diagnosed with epilepsy, I have also had to consider medical contingency plans too to ensure I am well prepared for all eventualities.

What has planning and preparation looked like?

I have been very fortunate in my planning and preparation with many people, companies and organisations wanting to actively show their support and get involved, for which I’m extremely grateful. I have also been really grateful to all the volunteers around the UK that turn up in all weather conditions to host the ‘Park Runs’. Parkrun is a collection of 5K running events that take place every Saturday morning in twenty countries across five continents and is an incredible initiative that I would recommend to anyone looking to get fit, get outside or just do a fun activity at your own pace with friends and family.


Do you feel ready?

I’m feeling fit, focussed and ready for whatever Afghanistan throws at me, I just cant wait to get out there now and face the challenge head on.

Once you complete these 3 runs, what’s next?

I have 2 major expeditions confirmed for 2019, one of which will involve water and a solo world first attempt (all will be revealed very soon) and the other is a trek to the top of the Angel Falls in Venezuela followed by an abseil down the world’s highest waterfall. This project is called ‘Stepping Into Oblivion’ and again will be a charity fundraising expedition for children in conflict zones.


We're wishing Jordan all the best for a epic challenge and we'll be following his every mile through Afghanistan.

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Happy running!

Team runr.

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