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Running Has Changed My Life by Carlie

Running Has Changed My Life by Carlie

I started running when I lost my mum after battling with Cancer for 4 years in 2018.

My mum was a big part of my life, she was my best friend. I was living with her at the time. When we lost her I went into a very dark place I thought I would never get out of. I couldn’t sleep, I started having panic attacks and I become extremely anxious. I had lost my brother when I was 15 too, to a car accident and I convinced myself I was going to lose someone else I loved.

I experienced PTSD from losing my brother and seeing my mum pass away in front of me. I wasn’t sure how to get out of the darkness I felt. I ended up signing up for a 10k charity run to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, so I started running, I hadn’t run before. And it has changed my life, I think about where I would be if I didn’t start running. running made me get out of bed as I had a purpose. There were times I just wanted to drink to get through the pain I was feeling, but knowing it wouldn’t help my running I stopped myself.

I had started therapy which did help but I became to realise all I needed was running, it made me feel so much better, at ease, calm my anxiety down. Gave me a purpose as all I wanted to do was make my mum proud. When I have bad days I put my running shoes on and just run, run in the fresh air. It completely clears my head and instantly makes me feel better. It is so hard to explain.

I have now done 4 10ks and signed up for a half marathon. I run 3 times a week and I’m so thankful I found running, to help my mental health. I’m a strong believer running and other fitness helps so much and I would always encourage anyone who’s struggling to try it. 

I run for my mum, my brother and for everyone struggling with their mental health.

Thanks to Carlie for sharing her story.
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