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Running - My Love Or My Nemesis?

Running - My Love Or My Nemesis?

Why am I writing this blog, well a few reasons.

1. Because I can’t bore my friends about running any longer;

2. Because I am so proud of my achievements and;

3. Like many of you who struggle to get off your backside and go for that run, I thought you might be able to relate to my perspective.

Although I consider myself a very proactive individual I have always struggled with exercise. Apart from a bit of yoga from time to time I have never enjoyed it and would much rather catch up with friends, relax at home or do anything other than sweat!

So….. ‘my journey’. It is difficult to pin point when I started running as I have tried it off and on for years, but let’s start at the emotional bit… About 3 years ago I was at the point where I would get up most mornings, jump on the treadmill and do 5 – 8k and hate every minute. I was doing it to stay in shape, I worked in an industry where image was everything and felt a large amount of pressure to look good or rather to look thin.

I then endured a knee injury and was out of action for months. I had a not so attractive leg brace and crutches, lost my job and had to live with my mum as I couldn’t take a glass of water from the sink to the table without assistance. It was a pretty dark time!

After a lot of physio, moaning and patience from friends and family (sorry about that!) I got back on my feet and….. did no exercise! I was so used to being lazy and being nervous of my knee getting injured again I sat on my arse and did diddly squat.

So what changed….. a lot of nagging to be honest. My fiancé is an ultra marathon runner, business owner and all-round over achiever. He is also the most stubborn… I mean persistent person I have ever met and talked and talked and talked about running so much I finally blew the cobwebs off my trainers and went for a run.  I started by using coach to 5k and found it fairly easy, but it wasn’t much fun on my own so I started running at the local park run.

For the first time I loved running. It was summer, it was along Southsea seafront and most importantly it was lovely and flat! I went from strength to strength, beating my PB week by week, I went from 30:57seconds to 25:35seconds in a matter of months.

So… I got cocky, I signed up for the 10k Race For Life and the Great South Run. I must confess, I found them hard but I had this over inflated ego that I could run anywhere, any distance, achieve any goal that I set myself.. then the Gosport half marathon happened!!

When people asked me how it was I would say ‘hell on earth’. I appreciate in hindsight that may seem a little dramatic but that is genuinely how I felt!

The morning of the run…. I woke up, ate the obligatory bowl of Shreddies, jumped in the car, put the heating on, drove to the expo, got out the car and BOOM... the cold & gale force winds almost slammed the car door right back onto me! I then picked up my number, warmed up and made my way to the start line BOOM... ‘no ear phones to be worn on this run or you will be disqualified’. I’ve never run without earphones….. NEVER, let alone on the longest run of my life!!!!!! I put on a brave face and carried on… 1st mile ok… 2nd mile ok… 3rd mile ok… then BOOM my knee went! It began cramping and kept on cramping for the next 10 miles, those 10 miles were possibly the longest 10 miles ever known to mankind.

Eventually I finished the run, feeling cold, grumpy and hugely disappointed! I wanted to quit running all together...

But, what I failed to mention earlier, that during my period of what can only be described as arrogance... I have signed up for the London Marathon!! 

To be continued…..

Big thanks to Amy for sharing her running journey and Amy will be writing future blogs for us documenting her training for the London Marathon in 2017!

Amy is running the marathon for Hospice UK, a charity close to her heart. If you'd like to sponsor her then I'm sure your donation will go a long way to helping her get to the finish line in support of a wonderful cause.

Amy's Just-Giving Page

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