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Running on Social Media by Dave Sinclair

Running on Social Media by Dave Sinclair

*Serious Face alert* 😀 

Don’t worry if you think that your life doesn’t look as “good” as half the ones we see on social media 📸.

I’ve chatted with both offline and online friends in the last few weeks, some of whom many could think might have it all from their social media - but who are experiencing real difficulties and problems in life, just like anyone else.

Personally, I think of insta like a sort of traditional photo album, one of those old fashioned things some of us used to have - you put your best pics in it, I’ve no desire necessarily to put the sad or the bad bits in. It’s my personal choice.

But it’s really important to acknowledge that that’s what Instagram often is - the “good” bits - for me, I hope my feed is sometimes interesting, a bit of fun, possibly sometimes encouraging to others (I hope!), but it’s NOT the whole person or life.

So don’t be worried if you feel like you’re not some super hero invincible person like all the fabulousness 😂 we see on some insta profiles - no one really is like that - not full time anyway! If they were it would be soooo exhausting I’m sure 😂 

And that doesn’t mean people are fake - for me, I really want to share the joy that running with my friends or in beautiful scenery gives me, and that joy is VERY real - it’s part of what gets me through the other stuff that I don’t bother putting on here. 😀 

And if anyone I know ever wants to talk to me about the other stuff, I’m always here and ready to listen - don’t think I’m too insta-happy! 💪 

Keep running team 💪👍 😀


Thanks to Dave for sharing and you can follow him on twitter at @Cardiff_Dave.

Happy running!

Team runr.

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