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Running with diabetes by Jon

Running with diabetes by Jon
Here is my story. 
I am not the best runner. Having been a Waterpolo player for decades, really running was the last thing in my mind...  
I started running because it was faster for me to come back home from work at night in a restaurant, as no transport was available other than sporadic night buses. 
So the nightly 5K became 10K, running at night in London is pretty amazing, especially by the river. 
Meanwhile, I got diagnosed with Diabetes type 1.5 LADA and since then running became even more important to me. 
I run to keep blood sugar stable, to raise awareness on the disease and also to raise funds to support Diabetes UK. 
My next step will be to help T1international gain more visibility. They campaign for better accessibility to insulin for everyone. It can be taken from granted in countries like the UK or most European countries. In the US, as well as poorer countries, it is a real struggle. 
In a nutshell, I am running to raise awareness about the biggest health threat to human existence at the moment. I'm preparing for a half marathon (Royal Parks Half) at the moment with the view to increase distances towards Marathons and Ultras. 
As I always tell newly diagnosed with diabetes: life doesn't stop with diabetes, it can get better and only you can make it happen. 
I document my runs and how I manage with the diabetes on Strava. You can find me by searching 'Jonathan Cellier'. 
On Instagram, I document my runs and swims with an emphasise on fitting diabetes in life. You can find me at jon.cellier.t1d.runswim
I am also raising funds for Diabetes UK on here:
Thank you so much for giving runners a voice, and cool style ✌🏻 
Cheers Runr team, 

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