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runr: using 'Real Runners' - Cat

runr: using 'Real Runners' - Cat

Here at runr, we want the brand to be inclusive, not exclusive, and that's why we wanted to use 'real runners' in our latest photo shoot to showcase our products.

We wanted to find passionate runners from local clubs who take pride in their achievements and who share the same values as any other runner that you might bump into on the street.

The third Real Runner is Cat who originates from the north east but now loves life on the south coast!


Which running club are you a member of?
Baffins Fit Club
How long have you been a member?
I have been running with Baffins since August 2016.
How long have you been running?
I started running on January 8th 2015 ( Yes, I remember it well. It was cold, dark and miserable exactly how I felt)
What do you love about running?
I love the social side to it, i think it makes it so much more easier to do with good friends and like minded people. Can't beat #runnerlove.
By the time you have finished a race, it's very unlikely that you haven't made a new friend. Also the massive health benefits you get from running, I am a whole new person since I started running and half the woman I was. 
What’s been your favourite race to date and why?
Tough question!!! So many races, so many different types of races and challenges.
Most fun was definitely the Great North Run 2016, ran the whole race carrying an 8ft banner for our charity with fellow RunMnd runner Julie.
Favourite marathon is Brighton, again I've always ran it for my charity - Motor Neurone Disease Association and the support is amazing, I enjoy the route and the finish line is always buzzing. 
How long have you been LiRF (Leadership in Running Fitness) qualified?
I qualified in April 2017.
Why did you want to qualify?
My club asked me if I would like to become a run leader. I've always been a supportive runner and ran for fun more than competitively, so I thought it would be a good way for me to inject some fun into run rather than pace and race for others 
How does it feel using the qualification?
It's amazing, been able to share my knowledge and experience with others, so that they can be well supported on there own running journey.
What one works would you use to sum up your running?
Does it really have to be one word!! Erm.... Unique I think! Haha! 

Cat was great value on the morning of the shoot and the chemistry between Cat, Kerry and Dave was brilliant to see and highlighted how like minded people can get along when talking about their shared passion of running.

Thank you Cat and happy running!

Team runr.

Our Real Runners team:

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