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runr: using 'Real Runners' - Dave

runr: using 'Real Runners' - Dave

Here at runr, we want the brand to be inclusive, not exclusive, and that's why we wanted to use 'real runners' in our latest photo shoot to showcase our products.

We wanted to find passionate runners from local clubs who take pride in their achievements and who share the same values as any other runner that you might bump into on the street.

Next up is Dave who is number two in our Real Runners feature:

David (aka Ginger Dave, or GD).
Which running club are you a member of?
Baffins Fit Club
How long have you been a member?
Two years
How long have you been running?
About three and a half years
What do you love about running?
Ha ha where do I start! I love the freedom and exploration factor (associated with trail running in particular) and I also love fitness and personal achievement side too - and of course all the great people I have met along the way!
What’s been your favourite race to date and why?
Probably the Golden Ultra in Canada (3 day mixed stage mountain race, vertical km, 60km mountain ultra, 25km hilly trail 'half marathon') - I think this was the one that put me well and truly out of my comfort zone and despite the training there were times on day 2 (when the conditions were the worst they have ever had!) when I had real doubts about finishing... but I did, in a respectable time!
How long have you been LiRF (Leadership in Running Fitness) qualified?
Only 1 month
Why did you want to qualify?
I love getting people inspired to run so have been helping run groups at my club for a while and really enjoying that, I wanted to start our trail division (Baffins Trail Division) so this was the qualification I needed to help me do that. 
How does it feel using the qualification?
It's great, I love leading runs and really enjoy seeing other people get more out of running. I also pace at Brighton Marathon and it's a similar thing, helping others achieve their goals and try new things - its very rewarding!
What one word would you use to sum up your running?
Awesome! That's a bit big headed... but I love running, it is awesome!.... 'my running' is getting better... UTMB CCC in 2019, maybe sub 3 marathon in the next 18 months too.... watch this space!

Dave not only provided the looks, but also the entertainment, whilst we took the photos and his tales of running made us want to sign up to some foreign adventures!

Thanks again Dave and happy running!

Team runr.

Our Real Runners team:

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