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The Joys of Running

The Joys of Running

Name: Katie Tucker (also known as Clean Coach Katie)

Age: 27

Location: Milton Keynes

Number of Years Running: 5

Why did I begin running?

I’ve always had an active background after playing netball from a young age and following my dreams of studying Sports Science at Brunel University.

I moved back home to Milton Keynes after I finished my degree and felt a little lost. I needed a new hobby and new direction. A work colleague at the time suggested cycling, but it did not interest me in the slightest and to this day I’ve still not been tempted by the thought of a duathlon or triathlon.

I knew I needed a goal to work towards, as I find I am more motivated and driven by having something to aim for. Another hobby suggestion was running. Hmmm seemed better than cycling…

After a bit of research, in less than an hour I’d signed up for my first half marathon and had purchased a new pair of runners.

I downloaded an online training plan and that was it. I went for a few runs, donning some good playlists and found a few local scenic routes. I was hooked.

I went on to complete that Half Marathon in 2 hours and 3 minutes. After seeing how close I was to Sub 2, I knew I had to carry on my running journey. And I haven’t stopped since (minus the few injury breaks I’ve had to take).



Best running moment

My biggest achievement to date has to be completing the London Marathon in 2014 in 3 hours 54 minutes and 20 seconds.

I ran London for Children with Cancer UK and am so excited to be running again this year in 2017 for this incredible charity.

I’ve not set myself a time base goal, this year, however want to make sure I enjoy it as much as I did back then.

It was an unforgettable day. From the moment I woke up, getting my kit on, a bundle of nerves, before heading over to the start line, waving to the BBC camera in the hope of getting on the TV as I crossed the start line, soaking up the atmosphere the whole way round with the mass of spectators, bands, live music and a sea of coloured vest of other runners. The moment of crossing the line, almost in tears from exhaustion, pride, joy and happiness. I honestly cannot begin to describe that feeling, the achievement!

I don’t think I took my medal off for a solid 3 days. Says it all really.



The best running decision I made

After the Marathon I took a backseat from running, focused on work, spent a little more time in the gym and went on holiday.

A friend had bought me Mo Farah’s autobiography which I took away with me and I absorbed each and every word as I sat by the pool, basking in the heat (with a Pina Colada in hand).

I finished the book in around 2 days and it wasn’t long before I was back online researching for how I could get my running mojo back.

I found a link to the Redway Runners and was intrigued by the friendly nature of the club. I always thought that you needed to be ‘pro’ to be a part of a running club. But how wrong I was.

I turned up to my first session as soon as I was back from holiday, with my registration form and £5 fee.  And no it’s not £5 per run, but only £5 for A WHOLE YEAR. You can barely get your foot in the door of a gym for that price nowadays and you spend almost the same amount after one visit to Costa.

I managed to keep up with everyone at the club that night. Can you believe it? I knew I wasn’t slow, but I knew I wasn’t fast either. But everyone was so welcoming and over 2 years down the line, it’s the best decision I have ever made.

If I could advise any runner to do something tomorrow, it would be to join a running club. You honestly wouldn’t regret it.


Best running views

Non-runners always find it weird when we want to take our trainers away with us on holiday? They don’t understand why we’d want to get out in the fresh air, take in new locations of the world and run to be able to eat more from the all you can eat breakfast buffet.

And that’s what I had as I took a 2 weeks Girls Trip to California in 2015.

Again, after a bit of research. I do love to read apparently? Or is it being organised? I’m not quite sure… But I found a few routes I wanted to check out, one particular in LA.

I must admit I did not run in Vegas. I was having far too much fun and with little sleep and cramming as much in as we could, my trainers could remain in my case. 

As we did move on to LA I was very eager to head out to Runyun Canyon Park. It was mainly uphill, but I knew the view at the end would be worth it, and boy it was.

It was a real shame I was not able to share this with anyone. But I took great delight in showing my girls the pictures I got as I arrived back at our hostel as they sat in the front garden area smoking and drinking coffee ha.

An abroad Marathon is on my bucket list so I hope I can achieve this goal one day.





What I love most about running 

There’s so many things to list, but up there with the best is:

  • The fresh air and the ability it has to de-clutter and de-stress my mind
  • It allows me to have ‘me’ time, especially on solo runs
  • The sense of achievement when gaining a new PB or wearing a pretty medal around my neck
  • The ability to interact and socialise with people from different walks of life
  • Long Sunday Runs = Roast Dinners & Chocolate. Us runners love to run to eat more!

What’s next?

At the moment I am in the midst of following my dreams of launching my own business as a Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger.

This is taking up a fair bit of time as I still continue to work as a Freelancer in the Events industry as I build up the business and reputation.


My main running focus is the London Marathon in April and whilst in the process I hope to inspire, motivate and help as many others as I can on my journey. My passion is giving others a sense of achievement and self-belief and hope I can do this through my business and blogging activities.


Huge thanks to Katie for her blog. If you'd like to follow Katie on her running journey, and setting up her new business venture then please find her details below;

Blog Page:
Social media: @cleancoachkatie








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