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What do you do with your old running shoes???

What do you do with your old running shoes???

As runners, we all get to the point where we bite the bullet and treat ourselves to a new pair of running shoes.

It might be that you're running on a new kind of terrain, or maybe you fell for the marketing ads in a magazine or online. Whatever the reason, it's always a great feeling getting hold of a new pair and trying them on for the first time.

Then comes the decision about what to do with your old pair. 

Many shoes come to the end of their life with their current owner. This could be due to wear and tear making them not meeting your expectations. It could be that you purchased the wrong shoes for your running gait (many of us have had injuries from not wearing the correct footwear).

But that doesn't mean that they're not good enough for someone else to use.

So what to do with your old shoes?

We're always looking at ways to cut down on waste and many of us don't want them going into landfill. The thought of putting a pair of shoes in the bin doesn't sit right, knowing that there must be a better use for them somewhere. 

That's why we're championing the amazing work that Tony at JOGON is doing where they give your running shoes a second chance and keeping them out of landfill.

With millions of running shoes going into landfill every year, Tony's aim is to remove 1 MILLION pairs of running shoes from landfill.


As of March 2023, over 10,000 pairs have been sent in to JOGON HQ which is a phenomenal achievement with every pair shoes having a path to find a new owner. 

JOGON are in over 250 collection locations including leisure centres, universities, libraries and schools, as well as being supported by running clubs, brands and retailers across the country who are all actively encouraging runners to donate their unwanted shoes to JOGON.

Getting your old running shoes to JOGON is easy. Either drop them off to one of their retail partners or simply drop them in the post to JOGON headquarters. They will then sort, inspect and distribute them via their network of partners.

Their network of partners includes charities, both here in the UK and based abroad, who ensure that the shoes find a home with those less fortunate.

Is there a better feeling than donating your unwanted shoes to charity, knowing that they're not heading to landfill and benefiting someone who would cherish them?

You can find out more about JOGON by heading to their website - or following them on social media via Facebook - Jogonrecycle.

We're now off to box up our old running shoes to send to JOGON!

If you fancy doing the same, stick a note with #runr on your package so JOGON know where you got the idea!

Happy running.

Team Runr.

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