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what3words - From Feeling Safe To Inspiring Others

what3words - From Feeling Safe To Inspiring Others

What is what3words?

what3words came up with the genius concept of dividing the entire world up into 3 meter squares.

For each square, they have given it a combination of 3 words meaning every single square in the world has it's own, unique combination, making it the easiest way to find and share an exact location.

But Why?

Now you may think 'how is this useful?' or 'when am I actually going to use this?' - we did have the same thought. But when you look at the ways it can be used, you start to understand the importance of an idea like this.

As well as being a fun way to share your favourite view point of point of interest, there's also some really important uses for it.


The turning point for a regular 10k for us is in Old Portsmouth, with amazing views across to the Spinaker Tower in Gunwharf Quays.


Safety & Assistance

Many emergency services around the world now accept 3 word addresses from callers who would otherwise struggle to say exactly where they need help. what3words has helped find many people in need of emergency assistance quickly and easily. 

Imagine you're running out in the trails and you have an accident. Trying to describe the stretch of footpath you're on, in amongst the trees, might be hard to do.

By opening the what3words app and giving your 3 word combination, you can give a search team your exact location. Genius!

what3words have shared a great example of a runner using it - Michelle, AKA @MileswithMichelle:

‘When I’m out on the fells, or exploring the moors, I know that I can help the emergency services pinpoint my exact location should I need them. Having the what3words app on my phone makes me feel safer’

– Michelle Mortimer, Online running coach and Canicross Trainer @DogFitUK.


Each Saturday, the promenade hosts the start of Southsea parkrun.


Inspire others!

As well as using it for times when you might need assistance, another great idea is for you to share your favourite point of interest.

Whether it's your favourite view point, or a local landmark, you can use the app to take a photo and instantly it will apply the 3 word combination over the photo.

It's then really easy to share the photo for others to use the 3 word combination to locate that location on their next run.

Imagine exploring the trails and coming across a place with an amazing view. What better opportunity to take a picture and then share it with others with the aim of inspiring them to visit the same location on their next run!


The picture above is the view from the floating pontoon on the eastern point of Southsea.



The latest use is for events to use what3words in order to share key locations and make it easier for runners to find.

We've all headed to the start of a race and had to contend with registering, bag drop and toilets, and if you're in amongst lots of runners it can be tricky to know where to go.

what3words is being used by the organisers to be able to share the precise location of the key points which makes navigating on race day that little bit more easier.

How To Find Out More

We've used what3words for some of the examples above and you can head to their website - - to find out more about ways to use it.



The images above are a few of our favourite locations here in Portsmouth.

Share Your Favourite Spots

We'd LOVE you to share your favourite views or points of interest with the wider running community, so feel free to download the app, take some pictures and then share the with the what3words combination in the hope it inspires others to get out and visit.

Use #runr in any post as we'd love to see what you all get up to!

Team runr.

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