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Why I Run.

Why I Run.

Why Rachet runs….

When someone asks you why you run it's very difficult to come up with just one reason when there are so many.  For me, it started as a fitness thing but has become so much more than that. I've suffered with anxiety for such a long time and I didn't even realise how much running would help with this, it gives me some time out to myself and helps me process things in my mind. I love having a focus and running really helps me with that, it has also taken me out of my comfort zone in many ways which has been a very positive experience. I can do scary things and I can enjoy doing them even if I do spend a lot of time worrying beforehand.  Even on my hardest days running has been a constant for me, it helps me sleep better, think clearer and gives me a focus.  I also find it’s given me challenges along the way and on some days I even feel like I have accomplished something before I’ve started a race or event.  

When I joined my running club I was so nervous. Turning up on my own that day was a huge step for me, anyone with anxiety knows that feeling of arriving at a new place, with new people on your own. The sweaty palms, racing heart, fear of not being good enough or not being liked. I'd almost talked myself out of it and driven straight past but I am so glad I managed to go in. Not only has my running improved (who doesn't love getting a PB to give you a boost 😏), but my confidence in myself has grown so much.  I'm doing things now I would never have imagined I could do and I've met some amazing new friends who support and motivate me.

I'm not gonna pretend running completely takes the anxiety away (see post below taken from my blog last month), but it certainly helps.

 “The anxiety has reared its ugly head again. It's frustrating, tiring and I am fed up of it always being there. I thought a run out tonight would help clear my head and help ease "that" feeling.  It didn't.  I can't take a deep breath, my run was shocking and I don't feel like talking to anyone.  There, I said it - anxiety sucks and if you think I am weird because of it then so be it (we all know I don't mean this️)”

I still get anxious before a run, of course I do but the minute I start running I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I find it easier to open up and talk to those around me. Not much can beat the feeling I get after a good training session or beating a PB when my focus is solely on running, keeping my eye on someone up front to get past or counting down miles on a long run. Feeling like I have achieved something – it really helps me keep a positive mindset and this leads on to me feeling on top of things.

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