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Why I Run

Why I Run

Why I Run.


Nathan Jones, 43 Retail Sales Manager 


How long have you been running?


A friend of mine challenged me to run the Great South run in 1998, but as I crossed the line I swore 'never again'! After a little break I continued to run locally before exploring a little more and running in various run events around the country (currently 53 in all). I was lucky to run the London Marathon in 2015 for British Blind Sport, a connection I made after guiding a blind runner friend in a 10km race (my greatest running moment)


Why do you run?


It has now become part of my life. I enjoy being outside with my running shoes on, clearing my head, enjoying the challenge of differing mileage and keeping fit. I also believe it is a great stress reliever, as I often say that running saved my sanity after a messy divorce - putting on my trainers, taking some deep breaths and enjoying my normal seafront route kept me level headed and calm.


Do you have any advice or tips for new runners?


Take your time and run at your own pace. If it helps then walk/run at first, increasing the run effort, whilst reducing the walking through time. The great thing about running is no-one knows your run experience, training schedule or pb as you pass them on a run, so run at your own speed. I also thoroughly recommend finding your local Parkrun. These weekly timed events are very friendly 5km runs take place on a Saturday morning across the country and will help you feel part of the local running community. 


Headphones or clear air?


I normally use headphones for training, listening to a running playlist for short runs and podcasts for long runs. During run events I usually go headphone free as I love the roar of the crowd and local support to aid my motivation.


Do you use technology while running?


I use a GPS running watch to track my pace and route. For me the after run analysis is part of the activity and helps me plan my goals for next time. There are some excellent detailed run data apps that can be used to your advantage and entertainment. 


Who's your running hero?


Initially it was Paula Radcliffe with her 'give everything' approach that I admired most, but in recent years Mo Farah has been a true inspiration to me.


Where's your favourite place to run?


On an average day my seafront run is hard to beat, but I have been lucky to travel to China recently. Running the streets and parks of Jinan city was a fascinating experience, with a different activity at every corner - dancing, various sports and sword fighting to name a few!


Nathan Jones, 43, is an retail sales manager, he lives on the south coast of England and has two children.




We love to hear what people's reasons for running are. Thanks for sharing yours Nathan.


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