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Why should you take part in a runr virtual run?

Why should you take part in a runr virtual run?

Three years ago, we decided we wanted to create an event that would bring like minded runners together, not just through running, but also through raising awareness of mental health.

That was where the idea of creating a virtual run with the mental charity, Mind, being at the heart of it came from.

Fast forward to present day and over 8,500 runners have helped raise a staggering £148,000 for Mind. Our inaugural Miles For Mind in May 2018 had 932 people take part and the event has grown over the past few years to the point where 6,620 took part in May 2020.


As our partnership with Mind continues, we're pleased to launch our new virtual run, Leave Nothing But Footprints, which will run throughout October 2020. 

Why October? We wanted our latest virtual run to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Day which is on the 10th October. Even though it's just one day in the month, we want to use the whole month as an opportunity to talk about mental health.

So why choose a runr virtual run?

We often get asked what makes our virtual runs different from any of the others that are out there. The feedback from runners who take part is unanimous in the fact it's down to the sense of community in the groups we create on social media, paired with the fact that 100% of the profits go to Mind.

Keeping active, both physically and mentally, is so important to us all and we want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in our virtual runs.

Looking forward, we want to encourage everyone to continue to look after both themselves, and those around them.

Mental health has become even more of a challenge of the past few months due to the situation that we have found ourselves in. By offering a virtual run where runners from all over the globe can come together and use the occasion as a platform to share their stories, their feelings and their thoughts, is something really important to us.

Come join us this October!

Team runr.

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