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World Marathon Majors - London 2018

World Marathon Majors - London 2018

In the second blog where we catch up with runners taking part in any of the six World Majors, we caught up with Becs who is taking on the London Marathon in April this year!

Which World Major are you taking part in?
London Marathon!

What made you want to run this specific event?
I have always wanted to run the London marathon. However, I never actually told anyone due to what my size was. I was morbidly obese and thought if I mentioned it people would laugh and mock. I lost 9st and as part of that journey I took up running. The rest, as they say, is history.

How easy did you find it getting a space?
When the ballot came out in 2017 I applied but I wasn’t lucky enough to get a place. However, I do a lot of fundraising, carrying out and helping with bake sales for The Sick Childrens Trust. I entered their golden ticket ballot and was extremely lucky to get a place with them.

How has your training gone so far?
I took my running kit on holiday with me to Hawaii in November and that’s when I found out I had a place. I had an exciting email from Amy at the SCT. I did as much running as I could in the heat and carried on when I came back from holiday. I had entered the Run Up To Christmas event on Twitter which helped me boost my running and started the training off in earnest.

I use a marathon training app that has helped me keep on track. I wanted to start early as I want to make sure I’m injury free and not stressing myself with not being on track with training. The snow has hampered my training as the cold makes my quads seize which doesn’t help with the long runs. I live in an extremely hilly area so all my runs involve a lot of hills. The worse ones are 17% gradients. But as they say it does help to make you strong. However, I will admit I develop hill Tourette’s as I run!! Oh I also get cold weather Tourette’s too…….

What are your expectations for the race?
I know it’s a hard race due to the sheer number of people who have entered it. My honest expectations are that it is going to be fairly brutal, the weather could be anything that can hinder the running but also the atmosphere will be electric.

I have a lot of nerves as I have never ran this kind of distance ever. I also have a lot of excitement. I also know the nearer it gets the more emotional I shall be!!

Have you thought about your race kit yet?
I had my race kit at Christmas. I’ve been training in it to make sure it doesn’t rub, and is comfortable to wear. I’ve also sorted out my post race kit to keep me warm as I go home. My Runr kit is top of the list, so will have my Runr buff on and use my magnets for my number. At the end I’ll defo have my Runr jumper to keep me warm.

How do you think you’ll feel once you complete it and how will you celebrate?
Oh I know I’ll be a big blubbering wreck at the end. I’ve already apologised to friends and family when they see me from mile 18 onwards. I also think I’ll be on such a high for what my body and my mind has been able to accomplish.

My friends are coming to cheer me on with doughnuts and prosecco. They’ve given me a deadline of completing it in sub 6hrs. They’ve said they will start to eat and drink my rewards as soon as it hits 6hrs. They know my love of doughnuts and if that doesn’t get me to run in that time I don’t know what else will…. No wait Gerard Butler with a box of doughnuts at the finish….

Family wise my sister and brother in law are also running it and we have planned a big curry afterwards with celebratory cake for afters!


From all of us at Runr HQ, we wish Becs MASSIVE good luck for the race and go out and enjoy it!

You can follow Becs in the build up and around the the of the race on any of the social media accounts below:

Twitter: @becsj76
Instagram: @becsj76

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