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World Marathon Majors - New York 2018

World Marathon Majors - New York 2018

The final World Marathon Major of 2018 is nearly upon us (Sunday 4th November) and we caught up with Caroline who is just about to fly out to New York for the 5th Major of the year!

Which World Major are you taking part in?

I am doing New York City marathon for the very first time! 

Have you done any other World Majors in the past?

I have done the London Marathon twice - in 2016 and again this year! So I actually ran in the coldest and hottest London marathons on record!

What made you want to run this race this year?

New York is one of my favourite places ever to visit and the thought of running throughout the five boroughs is just amazing. It actually makes me think back to London in 2016 and the fear I had heading for my first marathon. Two seasoned marathoners felt it their duty to talk to me all the way to the start line and one of them mentioned that he ran New York and I remember thinking wow, that is amazing! So being able to do it myself is out of this world.

How easy was it to get a space in the race?

Well I guess I can say it was pretty easy as I got a place through the ballot.

When did your training start and how has it gone?

My training has been on going throughout the year really, as I took part in both Manchester and London in April, which was just after finding out about my NYC place. So in between those, I have taken part in Sunderland Half Marathon, The Great North Run and the Kielder Half Marathon, all giving me different tests and challenges both physically and psychologically. I have also managed to get in some longer runs as well, which really give you an amazing boost, not forgetting some runs with a training partner and very good friend Anji!

What are your expectations for the race?

I have tried not to set my expectations too high and aim for a time in all honesty as I found with the Great North Run this year, it meant I had an awful race when I wasn’t hitting a target time per miles. So my big aim is sub 5 hours and the absolute dream would be a new PB, current is 4:47 set in Manchester. My marathon goal is hitting that 4:30 mark. But I just want to enjoy the experience of the biggest marathon in the world! 

Have you thought about your race kit yet?

I am wearing a Union Jack running vest and hopefully I will get a great reception from the American crowds! My race number will be kept in place by the amazing runr Race Magnets, cannot do a race without them now!

How do you think you'll feel once you've completed it and what will your celebration look like after running 26.2 miles?

I always think that by the time I get to the finish line I will burst into tears, but I always just find myself so happy to see the finish and touch the line. Trying as many poses as possible for the cameras. I feel with this one though finishing by running like Phoebe in Friends in Central Park would be great! 


We're massively jealous as New York is definitely on the bucket list for us and we wish Caroline all the best!

You can follow Caroline's progress here:

Twitter - @Cazza7
Instagram - @Cazza7


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Happy running to you all!

Team runr.

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