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World Marathon Majors - New York 2019

World Marathon Majors - New York 2019

With the iconic New York Marathon taking place this Sunday, we caught up with Kirsty who is taking part in what is her very first marathon!

Which World Major Marathon are you taking part in? 

TCS New York City marathon.

What made you want to run this race this year? 

Myself and my husband are turning 40 next year and wanted to do our first marathon. We were also planning to visit New York as part of this so decided to combine the two and go a little earlier than planned. If we only ever do one marathon in our lifetime it should be a big one 😀

How easy was it to get a space in the race? 

Fairly easy, we just contacted the travel company (2 were given on the marathon page for the UK) and were told spaces were still available and was given a list of packages and options. We chose the flight and entry option. The company has been great and it has been pretty straight forward so far. 

When did your training start and how has it gone? 

We only signed up with 12 weeks to go. However we were already running half marathons. Many of my running group friends have done marathons before so someone kindly sent over a plan and there have been plenty of long runs planned as others were training too for different events. The training has gone well, we have enjoyed it and have managed to fit it in and complete it with only a few blisters, aches and pains. Everyone has been so helpful in giving us advice and things. 

When do you head out and how are feeling about landing in New York?

I am at the airport now, flying at 11.25am. I am both terrified and excited in equal measure. I cannot wait to see New York and I am yet to enter a big event with large crowds and atmosphere so I cannot wait to experience that either. 

What are your expectations for the race? 

Amazing atmosphere, fantastic sights. I want to be able to enjoy it and take it all in. I hope to meet some nice people too. 

Have you thought about your race kit yet? 

YES!! Lots and I have practiced in it all. I’ve tried socks, tops, underwear to see what works. I am wearing things to represent both running groups I am in (Sutton smilers & Notts women’s runners) Sesame Street leggings (it’s filmed in New York) plus a nod to the uk too. I’ve had my name printed on my top in case anyone wants to cheer me on. I had “shoe gate” a few weeks ago where I panicked about my trainers but all is good now. 

How do you think you'll feel once you've completed it and what will your celebration look like after running 26.2 miles? 

I will cry, I am emotional just thinking about it. When (or if) I cross the line I will not be able to believe it and will be incredibly proud. My celebration will definitely involve a large alcoholic beverage and some yummy food 😀

HUGE good luck to Kirsty and we'll be keeping an eye on how she gets on during the marathon this Sunday!
If you're taking part in a big race over the next few months, then get in touch and we'd love to feature your progress leading up to it.
Happy running.
Team runr.

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