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Laura - life as a running mum

Laura - life as a running mum

In the first edition of Be Inspired of 2018, we caught up with someone close to home in Laura, who has recently got back into running after giving birth 10 months ago.

    1 - How long have you been running for?
I’ve been running for just over 10 years
     2 - What got you in to running?
A couple of my friends started entering running events, it inspired me to give it a go, my first event was a santa run in 2006 in Battersea park

     3 - What’s been your greatest achievement to date?
I ran the London Marathon in 2009 for Well Child. The training was tough going with lots of physio visits, but the day was amazing and made it all worth it. Every year when I watch the marathon it makes me enter the ballot, even though I swore I would never run that far again!
     4 - Since 7 month old Archie came along, how have you found time for running?

It helps to have a very supportive partner who helps me find time out for running, and encourages me. A running buggy is also a good addition, he falls asleep which makes for a happy running mummy! 
     5 - Do you have any rituals before or after a run that must be stuck to?

Not so much a ritual, but as I’m waiting to cross the start line I love to people watch for a few minutes, running has such a mixed group of participants and I love seeing everyone come together to run, all you need is a pair of trainers to get involved.
     6 - What’s your favourite post run meal?

Roast every time, with a big glass of red :-)
     7 - When you’re not running, what’s your favourite past time?

I love cooking, it always makes me relax, and I love the eating part afterwards too!
     8 - Is there anything that you find different about running since you became a mum?
Definitely. Getting out to actually run is much harder, not only does it need to work with timings of feeds and naps, not feeling TOO sleep deprived, then actually have the motivation to go for a run. For all 3 of those to align at the same time is rare! Although every time I do manage to get out, I feel so much better mentally to have had a bit of space and thinking time to myself, I find I enjoy running much more since having Archie. I start back at work soon which will add an extra challenge time wise, but I'm determined to keep it up, roll on summer and lighter evenings!

     9 - If you could run in a race anywhere in the world, where and why?

Somewhere with amazing scenery, I feel spoilt every time I run on the seafront at Southsea, especially on a sunny day, so maybe somewhere green and in the mountains, there’s a Norwegian fjords event which would be awesome.
     10 - If you could host a dinner party with 4 other runners (famous or otherwise) who would they be and why? And most importantly, what would be on the menu?

  • Paula Radcliffe - it would be good to hear how she found balancing a professional running career with being a mum.  
  • Eddie Izzard - what he has put his mind to and achieved for great causes is an inspiration, for someone that wouldn’t be seen as a natural runner. He could also add some humour to the dinner!
  • Liam Malone - how he’s overcome his anxiety by using mindfulness to achieve running goals, and is promoting that to help other young people suffering, is something I think is really admirable (alongside winning some olympic medals!)
  • Leanne Davies - founder of run mummy run. I’ve realised having a good support network is so important becoming a new mum, and I love this group (as do a lot of other people!) to provide encouragement and support to new and experienced runners.

On the menu - this is more difficult than who to invite… I can never make a decision on food and ALWAYS have food envy, so probably something to share, like greek mezze.


A huge thank you to Laura for sharing her experience of what it's like getting back into running after the arrival of a little person in her life.
We've no doubt there are many other mums and dads out there that find it tough getting back into a routine after the arrival of a baby, and we hope this inspires you to find the time to get some running back in your life.
Keep an eye out for the next in our Be Inspired series coming soon!
Happy running!
Team runr.

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