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Monkey Sox

Here at Runr, we're a small business run by 3 friends and we know what it's like to try and keep on top of things.

Back at the National Run Show at the NEC in January, we met Lianne and James from Monkey Sox - another small business trying to make their way through the world of running, just like us, and we LOVE what they're doing which is why we wanted to give them a shoutout!

Following James diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in July 2016, they wanted to create an inspiring way to raise awareness and funds for the MS community.

They then committed themselves to inspire an active lifestyle for all and open conversations about MS.

They understand that MS is a life changing diagnosis but Monkey Sox has helped us feel more positive, supported and in control.

In order to support MS charities, so far they have donated over £20,000 as they give 50% of all profits to charities.


“Monkey Sox are incredible performance socks, Never Matched in more ways than one with 50% of profits donated to Multiple Sclerosis charities.  Lace up for your next run in striking odd but co-ordinated socks representing how the body acts and feels different left and right when living with MS.  
You can use code: RUNR20 for 20% off full priced individual sports socks and t-shirts which is valid until midnight 30.04.23.” 
We're off for a run in Monkey Sox socks!
Team Runr.

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