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Runr X eventrac

We're excited to be offering all event organisers who use the event entry platform, eventrac, the opportunity to create a new revenue stream for themselves by selling Runr products to their customers.

This risk-free approach enables organisers to earn extra cash seamlessly, by selecting complementary products from our product range to list alongside their event tickets.

Event organisers will earn commission on every product sold and we will then manage the fulfilment side of things and ship out their purchase straight away.

As well as offering products to include in the sign up process, we'll also work closely with those events to offer spot prizes in their events, bespoke event competitions, unique discounts for their participants and incentives for participants to leave reviews.

This is a unique, risk-free easy way for event organisers to boost their earnings.

FAQ's for event organisers.

Which products can I include in the process?

We are only making available our best selling items for you to include.

Do I need to get involved in sending the products out?

No. Runr will manage the whole process when a product is purchased. You simply earn commission!

When will I get paid the commission?

Once a customer purchases a Runr product, eventrac will manage the commission and ensure it lands with you straight away.

How else can Runr support my events?

When you include Runr products in your sign up process, you can qualify for event support from us which can include: 

  • Event day spot prizes.
  • Special offers.
  • Unique competition for your entrants.
  • Event review incentives.

Once the products are in the process, reach out to us and we'd love to talk through the opportunities.

How else can I promote Runr products to my customers?

Runr will be supplying event organisers with marketing content for you to use throughout the year. This will be personalised to your customers and allow you to send out and drive more sales.

How can I stay in touch with Runr once I offer their products?

We'll give you the contact details t keep in contact and also arrange a time to talk through the process and support you as best we can. 

Feel free to reach out to us on to talk through in more detail!

Craig, Matt & Martin.

Team Runr.

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